Paperless Office

Efficient computer systems can reduce the amount of physical documents created and exchanged by a business. When physical copies of documents do not have to be created or transported the result is time and cost savings. Many business still have not implemented this system because of technical barriers or lack of understanding. We can help you make the transition to a paperless office successful.

Remote Access

Modern remote access systems provide secure connections between an employee and the business resources they require while outside the office. From corporate smartphone support (email, calendar, and contacts on your Blackberry, iPhone, or Android device), to remote desktop solutions and virtual private networking (VPN), we can determine which solutions will increase your employees' effectiveness the most.

EHR / HIPAA Compliance

The technological requirements for secure storage and transmition of electronic health records to ensure HIPAA compliance can be complex. Encryption algorithms, storage limitations, and handling requirements can be intimidating. We make it easy to ensure your business has taken the steps required to safeguard the privacy of your patients' data.

Record Backups

Most companies do not have adequate safeguards in place to protect their business from data loss. Sources of data loss range from equipment failure (defective power supply or hard drives) to user error (dropped laptop or accidentally deleted files) to environmental problems (flood or fire) to malicious acts (theft or disgruntled employees). We ensure peace of mind by implementing systems to make your return to operations quick and painless.

On-Call IT Support

When a computer problem prevents your employees from performing their best, you need it fixed quickly. We provide a single point of contact who can handle any computer problem your business may have. One call (or email) is all it takes to resolve your issue quickly and thoroughly. We use a combination of remote and on-site support depending on the situation.

IT Planning

Computers, printers, monitors, and other devices are only useful for a short period. The rapid pace of development in the computer industry can quickly render older devices inefficient compared to their replacements. By working with us, your business can implement a technology plan which ensures systems never get too far behind the times while also providing predictability in yearly replacement and maintenance budgets.

Programming Services

We provide application and website programming services for a wide variety of platforms and languages. If your business needs a custom application built from the ground up, or you just need some changes made to an application you already have developed, we can provide the programming you require. We also provide office website and wiki page development along with help around planning and hosting your site(s).

Office Enhancements

We provide an array of other services to help digitize and modernize your office such as: custom domains (your.name@yourcompany.com), data network wiring, telephone wiring, voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems, and digital surveillance / CCTV. If we cannot do something in-house we will manage the vendor or provider who does in order to make the implementation successful.